October 09, 2012

Just eat and don´t think about calories...

Hi there! The flu visited me so I just drink hot tea with honey and I eat, all day. The weather is horrible, really. I don´t like autumn! Ok, colours are beautiful now but it´s really really cold.I wanted to make some photos with outfit but trust me, you don´t wanna see big blowzy monster so I have one really amazing recipe for you! SACHERTORTE!I´m eating it right now (yummy). I have to say I´m huge fan of sweets. I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All day.And I really adore blogs about baking, it´s amazing inspiration. You definitelly know SACHERTORTE so prepare it! You´ll arride your family, friends and your tongue too! And it´s the best with strawberries, trust me.

Watch video and inspire.

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