November 17, 2012

40´s ♥

Hello darlings! Time is running incredibly fast, I can´t believe it´s november! Yesterday we had very funny and interesting day at school, we had student day and we had to wear 40´s fashion. It was amazing. At first pic I´m with my best friends( Lucka, Timka, Tánička and me) I love them most, I can´t imagine my life without them. And in the evening we were at the cinema, it was Breaking Dawn part 2 on and I have to say that it was something....memorable and breathtaking. We were crying and crying and it doesn´t need words, you have to feel it.  Hope you like these photos and what do you say about fashion in 40´s? Do you like it? because I do, a lot !
Have a nice weekend spent with amazing people!

Natálka and Erika

My class, we are SO beautiful :)


  1. tá posledná spoločná fotka je mega :)

  2. You school is great :D I like this, so cute!

  3. you all look gorgeous!! great retro outfits!!


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